Primark offers rental of marking equipment without complicated procedures with the possibility of integration within 48 hours

Contact us via our contact form

If you are interested in renting a device. please send an inquiry via our contact form . You will receive a reply as soon as possible

The ideal solution for you supply chain

Our sales engineers, in agreement with the engineering department, will find an adequate solution that will meet all the requirements and needs of your supply chain.

Informative offer

Our sales engineers will send you an informative offer, no later than 48 hours from the receipt and elaboration of the inquiry. If it is an urgent inquiry, please contact us on our telephone number .

Concluding a contract

After the offer jas ben accepted, a contract is defined, according to the individual requirements of our clients. The contract will be concluded with the support and presence of the legal department.

Installation, testing, delivery and commissioning

After the conclusion of the contract, we will develop tailor-made solution, according to the individual requirements of the supply chain or install complete solution.

Consumables, service and maintenance

Our service department provides preventive maintenance services to prevent breakdowns. We provide consumables for Ink Jet systems, labeling systems, etc.

Primark's, financial or the operational leasing?

Financial or operational leasing?

In cooperation with the best Croatian leasing companies, we will help you choose the best financial solution.

EU funds?

Primark, in cooperation with partners, provides technical support at tender applications of the European Union.

Primark's rent?

Primark offers rental of marking equipment without complicated procedures & possibility of implementation within 48 hours.​