Industrial Traceability

We have been operating in the field of industrial traceability implementation for more than 25 years. Our solutions are used by leading companies in the automotive and food industries​.

Product protection and a reliable guarantee of safety to the end consumer is crucial for any business. Margin protection, customer satisfaction and various legal regulations require a high level of control and monitoring of production processes. Our system has been helping leading Croatian and world companies for many years. With our industrial traceability system, you will know what is happening in your business, at any time.​

Key features

Compliance with legal regulations

Comply with legal regulations and regulations.

Monitoring of production processes

Follow production processes via 1 channel.

Product recall

Have efficient product recall management.

Distribution of products on authorized markets

Prevent distribution to unauthorized markets.

Software and hardware solution

Our solution include

  • Information about orders, their components, raw materials or ingredients
  • Past and current status of all logistics and transport events in the supply chain
  • Monitoring of logistics units and refunds

Project management include

  • Consulting, mapping of critical requirements, development and simulation of prototype project solution
  • Selection of suitable technologies: hardware equipment and software solution
  • Full implementation, testing and support

Up to date

  • Product information and warnings
  • Product availability information
  • Order information

Track and Trace

Product information

  • Bill of material
  • Components
  • Raw materials
  • Origins
  • Operations
  • Batch Numbers
  • Serialised Numbers

Product availability

  • Single item
  • Bundle
  • Box
  • Pallet
  • Asset

Order documentation

  • Purchase order
  • ASN
  • Shipment numbers
  • Transport Units SSCC