Labelling Solutions

Types of application methods – modularity in the design of labels from our offer allows the installation of different applicators for various application applications such as labeling bottles and jars, labeling boxes on any page, labeling over the edge of the box, tamper-evident, etc. It is also possible to precisely apply labels for sealing shipments, various decorative and promotional labels and labels of extremely small dimensions.

Our offer

Industrial Labelers

Labels – devices that apply pre-printed self-adhesive labels from a roll. The labels are peeled off the background paper via a knife and applied to the product using an applicator. Applicators can be in
in the form of a pneumatic arm, rollers, brooms, etc., and the method of application is selected according to the product, the position of the label
on the product and production line. The

Print & Apply Solutions

Labels with integrated printing that allow the application of labels with variable production data on the principle of ‘last printed, first applied’. They are used for marking and identification of goods, packages and pallets for the purpose of monitoring the production and distribution of products. The printout may contain complete product declarations, bar codes, 2D codes, date of manufacture and LOT number, and other variable data.

Labelling Solutions

Complete labeling systems – complete in-line labeling solutions tailored to your needs requirements! The systems are designed modularly – individual components are carefully selected in cooperation with you, they adapt to your process and product in order to achieve the optimal system for your needs. The