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BlueTraker® VMS


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Primark’s VMS solution tracks fishing vessels on any place on the globe. Fishermen will reduce costs by choosing BlueTraker® VMS terminal – therefore position reporting can be more frequent at the same cost.

Primark’s internationally certified VMS solution.

Primark’s BlueTraker® VMS terminal is a part of the Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) for fishery authorities and coast guards. A strong emphasis is put on technical standards compliance (e.g. IMO Resolutions) as well as on fishermen safety and operational security to prevent any fraud and tempering.

The BlueTraker® VMS system has been thoroughly tested and already operational for years in several countries. The system complies with EU, NEAFC, NAFO and SEAFO regulations on data exchange, and to bilateral agreements commonly made between countries. It also fully complies with EU Commission Regulation Nos. 2244/2003, 1224/2009 and Implementing Regulation No. 404/2011.

BlueTraker® VMS terminal

The tough task of every national fishery is to decide which is the optimal VMS system that would give the right measure of technology for invested funds and would prove useful and effective through the years to come. The key to an advanced VMS solution is the BlueTraker® VMS terminal.

A range of BlueTraker® VMS terminals is available:
BlueTraker® VMS SAT and BlueTraker® VMS Light, both utilizing satellite only communication channel, and BlueTraker® VMS Hybrid terminal, which offers the best of European technology, utilizing dual communication channel – satellite and GSM/GPRS with features and benefits not been surpassed by any other competitor.

Download the BlueTraker® VMS brochure here